sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Reflections on week 6

I think that using Word and Power Point in the classroom for a whole class accounts for helpful tools that trigger off students to work actively in the different assigned tasks in the classroom setting so that they can interact with each other. In this way, the learning process can be seen - figuratively speaking- as if it consisted of a bridge that lies between students and teacher, who control it by providing a useful way of learning.  In this respect, the teacher can elicit all the knowledge provided by them, and the mistakes made can be corrected with the support of all the class. Planning the activities and supervising that the students carry out the tasks properly are keys for the success. On the other hand, the participation in such kind of activities  foster better understanding of group relationship as they participate by giving their opinions, improving listening, speaking writing (by means of grammar and spelling Word/Power Point tool for this purpose), and reading skills.  The use of a document with a friendly layout and an attractive presentation (vivid colours, not too many words on them, appropriate size and theme font, etc.), keeps the attention focused on the activity and avoid making unnecessary efforts to get the concentration on the task.
For instance, I would use an activity similar to the "Olive Oil" proposed in the course, as it it related to learning the passive voice in present simple tense. In the ESP field, it is very common to read material with such grammar structures because it is used to describe a process in a general way and for stating general technical and scientific truths. On the other hand, the use of connectors are often found in these kind of texts and help to understand not what an author is trying to communicate, but also provide hints about how students can write an academic text with cohesion by means of using connectors. In the end, ICT has been integrated to the syllabus of ESP.

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