martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Reflections on week 1

The Learning Technologies are powerful tools that may enhance the process of learning and teaching of the English language. They provide an exposure to real world language and encourage students to look for material that, in the end, help them to use the language from a communicative approach in their everyday lives. As a teacher, I can get closer to my students in the session class from different alternatives: providing resources through technology, creating an essential framework from which the teacher and the students can share common and different points of view in the analysis of technical texts; and, of course, looking for creative and more efficient ways to develop the different skills of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking). For example, we could assess writing drafts/analysis so that students can have a feedback before coming up to the class session, or simply give hints to students about how we are going to work or what the materials available are, in a way that students figure out what are the possible tasks to do in the class session. The possibility to access to different teaching and learning resources is an advantage we shouldn't miss. As far as we can see, technology spreads out an almost infinite set of opportunities to develop the learning of the English language. It can just be done through the integration (but not imposition) of the learning technologies to a new teaching approach.

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  1. Great post Jesús...Imposing technology will never work anywhere...What's true is that technology is pushing us, teachers, to explore its potential on how we can use it to encourage/engage our students to learn in a different way in/outside the classroom.

  2. I have just read your post, Miguel. Thanks for your opinion. As you say, technology is encouraging us to explore different ways to learn the English language in different settings. I'd take the verb "explore", as a key word for this course... and for my job, too. That is one of the things that make our profession challenging.